quixotic flitting of eyes

slow movement

are you there?

i miss the vagrant nights

on streets cold and broken;

the intrigue of translation.

giving meaning to words

confused with percussion

of love or hatred,

emotional rapture

boxing up the beast within

and shipping it somewhere new,

through and through.



magnolia & the wild

heavy metal infused with lullabies

itchy skin from laying in nature’s bounty,

a rarity.

a breeze & a small tear,

rolling down hills of cheekbones &

lack of fear,

charged with gratitude


where is the homestead

and the celebration i was promised?

at my inn on some constellation,

in sleep or heaven

is that where we go at night?

the mounds thicken

soft bodies under soil

glisten in release.

spirits removed,

placed here in the tree i gaze at



i feel the energy here like a child feels

their imaginary friend- effervescent and ever present.

the soul and the child are reconciled,

in fields of sand and stone

to die is to create little flowers

one that can stand on its own.

miraculous efforts to force the mind to think for itself

divulge truths of love, loss, greed, envy &

hopefully happiness

in infinite wealth.


the end of an era is near,

but we’re just getting started.

introjection seen on worn out projectors

in lavender and juniper

pain looms in fingernail scratches on ardent backs

in palms on disturbed beaches.

tires screeching,

follow the road in this heat.

American homes — open houses on Sundays to

get a glimpse of normality

painting over crayon covered walls from childhood ramblings.

take me to the top

jump off w/ me

hyacinth in caskets

ribbons on linoleum floors by water fountains &

broken mechanics.

i need you like a building needs columns

i want to build a Colosseum for you

erection of time


roses blooming in sacred spaces.

we fly away in amnesty

sunset sanctuary in ink

official stampings

i give you my hands.


the unstrikable match,

detach from dispatch.

the flames stretch to greet &

catch pain in throes of amber heat.

gears in the subconscious click,

movement in synchrony of

the elite,

emotional stance taken &

immune to defeat.

i pray by the bed in silk

like a child

with the soul of a mother

who has forged her


neither meek nor mild.

distinctly human-

no longer is love viewed with


no games, no trials, no Cain.

biblical in reference but

earthly in tonality,

a warm welcome to reality.

for the first time i dont

want to run away.


one chance;

I need to go to the store & buy

another trance.

a comfort zone is not something

i own-

can i buy that there too?

rugged & naive,

lost in ecstacy from daily

fasting &

dreaming of what could be.

waiting for eve;

the end is what I crave.

sculpt me out of jade so

i can feel stability, whole


by the tip of my pen

I can finally put my

finger on what’s within.


antiqued & sullen,

sugar-spun memories of

a simpler time

w/ reason & rhyme.

but memory fails;

time isnt moving – we are.

this blissful epiphany

envelops the room, in botany studies of

startling new concepts

scattered to the wind, pollinating brains &

entering open windows by chance.

kismet when we met,

uncalculated risk meets

reward of which we let.

lack of breath,

lying in wait,


im sorry again, how many is

that to date?

how do you deny libations

when my fate is temptation:

memory fills the body with chemical

duality, i am there again,

with cable tv and vanilla coke;

weather channel on &

words bespoke.

too young to remember,

please pull me back

out of my nightmares

head first.